Asarum Ltd

Asarum are a growing boutique high-quality consulting agency. We pride ourselves on our Integrity, Honesty and Thoroughness.

Our business focuses on bringing our extensive recruitment and HR knowledge to developing strong relationships with our clients. 

We focus in 2 main areas - Engineering and Technical and Professional Services. 

Engineering and Technical - Supplies throughout the UK to niche scientific and high-tech sectors as well as manufacturing and all the key engineering disciplines 

Professional Services - Core specialisms are within Human Resources, Legal, Finance and Sales Recruitment

All of our consultants are highly experienced professionals in their own right, each with a passion for delivering sourcing and staffing solutions for difficult to find candidates.

We like to build professional and lasting relationships with employers who realise that finding and retaining the best staff is the key to their success as a company.

We specialise in the following sectors

Latest news

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Anyone who has worked with me or that I’ve helped train over the years would may heard me talking about a “Recruiters Spidey Sense” - many eyes have no doubt been rolled but it’s a key part of the role that’s really hard to explain and train but can be a main influence to the success ratios we all seek. Focus here is ..Read more

Building our Franchise

ASARUM are currently looking to build thier franchised network of recruiters. If you think you might want to work for yourself but need a little more support and help than you get going it completely alone then this route might be a route you could take. ..Read more