There are 2 areas where we feel the world of recruitment needs to function to help facilitate good career choices. Dealing with primarily permanent opportunities we understand that the choice of job a candidate accepts is often as big a decision as what car to buy, what house to offer on or indeed who to marry! Tick these boxes and you are close to a good decision that you can stand by.


Pretty easy right? – well you would think so. Our outlook is simple, 1) Do what you say you will 2) Don’t over promise, and 3) Don’t do what you say you will not.

  1. Promised feedback – give it! Promise to send a cv – do it! Promised a pre-interview call – Make it!
  2. Overpromising - We can’t always provide information or detailed cv or interview feedback. We don’t always get it! We cant always give feedback on job applications, there is often not enough time. We cant guarantee an interview or a job offer, its just not our decision and anyone who does is disingenuous.
  3. Your CV will not be sent out unsolicited without your specific verbal agreement. EVEN if you applied to the job online. Never! Not once, no Excuses. Trust, That is fairly simple – see.



Acting as an intermediary, our role is to understand what the other parties (hirer and job seeker) wants and can offer.

We need to be able to explain to potential employers, what you want and why, how you can benefit their team and business. Which skills you have and don’t have so there is no surprise on your first day.

We need to be able to explain to job seekers what the potential employer can offer, how they work, which type of support they can offer or sometimes what they are not able to.

A good understanding of both parties ambitions, wishes and aspirations really help match parties and encourage good career choices.