Who should we be putting pressure on?

Published by A. Townsend
On 04-May-20

I don't think I am alone is seeing a multitude of posts from motivators and the well-meaning telling us that - "If we don't up-skill / get fit / learn a language NOW! then we simply lack discipline".

Whilst I'm sure they mean well this is a gross over-simplification and shows a real lack of understanding of well - People!

There are certainly one type of person that will fare better through this; Introverts! (Well, assuming they are secure in their house and health - Laszlo hierarchy and all that). If your idea of a nightmare is a networking meeting - or worse still, a family wedding - this could well be your time to level-up.

Extroverts on the other hand - those of boundless energy, the lively sort who succour energy from groups and fizz at social occasions are on the whole, likely to find it a whole lot harder to self-generate the motivation needed to learn pottery or brush up on their Mandarin!

Personally, I'm firmly in the former group - after Christmas I determined I should learn a new skill and started drawing. I'll attach a couple below for your identification. It was not for a side-hustle (although I have since done a couple of commissions) It was simply something to do quietly while the children are in bed and rubbish plays on TV and its been great to have the time to concentrate on this new past-time and passion.

So, what’s the point of the post? If you have the same outlook as I do - pick up a pencil or lump of clay or dumbell and do something - the reward in the act of doing or creating is paypack in itself.

However - be realistic, If you or someone you know who is usually life and soul of the party but is struggling to do anything other than Netflix and Doritos / Beer. Give them a bit of space, putting unrealistic expectations on an individual during this lockdown is probably unfair and usually counterproductive. Some situations are crap and it is ok to - JUST GET THROUGH! - like me and weddings!

Who knows if you give a friend, colleague or partner a bit of support through this they may do the same when normality returns and its time to attend the next school reunion or company bash!

If you like the pictures or art follow me on instagram - for pics below with the originals and progress photos and shortly some vids and beginner tips https://www.instagram.com/wedrewthese/

Thanks for reading.Stay safe!

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Who should we be putting pressure on?

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